Before beginning his daily work, the potter acknowledges the power of his Gods and their gift to him of creativity by touching his forehead with the finger of his right hand.
The clay he employs is the embodiment of earth, usually viewed as a Goddess or mother earth. According to the myths, the tools of the potters were designed by the Gods to create the vessels and sculptures integral to their worship. By honoring his deities, he ensures his right to change soil into sacred form and he maintains hi link to hi earliest ancestors: Prajapati, Lord of creativity.
The Documentary movie Ochre takes us into the journey of a Potters family residing in the Bindapur Kumahars colony in the outskits of New Delhi west. Through this short movie we explore livelihood as the capability and capacity to survive.
千旺彩票 Bindapur, popular as the only Kumahar colony of Delhi is a shelter space to as many as 800 potters who migrated to Delhi from the nearby places like Rajasthan and Harayana in the late 70’s for a better standard of living and opportunity.

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